Welcome to the new and improved California Trays®. The go-to tray that discerning retailers have chosen for years, just got better. California Trays® has partnered with Steritouch® antimicrobial technology, to deliver a new level in food safety. Food contamination is a serious problem and can have a devastating effect on your business. To protect your business, your professional reputation and your customers safety, you need to execute best practices to reduce food contamination now. FDA approved for food contact, California Trays® is the right choice in the fight for food safety.

Produce Food Safety


Constructed in an open weave style, the trays provide for ventilation and drainage. In wet cases, water drains through the tray bottom into the bottom of the case reducing the possibility of mold, etc. Easy to clean, the trays can be brushed, wiped, power washed.

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Food Produce Shrink


Fruits and vegetables that sit in a non ventilated space will age more quickly. The produce trays increase the life span of produce on your shelf by effectively dispersing ethylene gas to help maintain freshness and increase shelf life of produce.

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Food Merchandising


Produce trays provide great cut lines making fruits and vegetables look great and more attractive on the shelf. Practically indestructible the trays last at least 6 to 8 years. Available in any sizes and colour, they can fit any case or table shape and size perfectly.

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Give your customers the look and safety that they demand. Make California Trays® with Steritouch®, your key merchandising component.