Produce Merchandising System

California Trays® will Maximizes Profits - Here’s Why!

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Produce Trays
Traitech’s patented FDA approved California Trays® Produce Merchandising System can play a major role in your “Stay Fresh, Stay Healthy” produce program. This revolutionary merchandising solution addresses many of the ongoing operational concerns with “fresh departments” of all major food retailers.

California Trays® provide superior ventilation and drainage:
  • In wet cases, with misting systems, you get more efficient refrigeration, and proper drainage to preserve product better.
  • On dry tables, you get effective dispersion of ethylene gas to maintain freshness and increase shelf life of your produce.
California Trays® have a built in raised floor:
  • Reduces inventory requirements by 15-25%
  • Results in a much fuller look for the department
  • Reduces labor requirements for rotation and culling
  • Increases inventory turns to provide your customer with fresher product
California Trays® provide a permanent merchandising solution:
  • Significant reduction in labor in re-setting the department every few weeks
  • Frees up labor for more productive activities
  • Eliminates handmade cardboard “fillers”, “stoppers”, dividers and retainers
California Trays® are FDA approved for direct contact with food:
  • Available to you in any size, any shape and in any color
Working directly with you, we will develop a tray system that fits your specific needs:
  • for better stock rotation
  • for better inventory control
  • for better labor control
  • for improved merchandising effectiveness

Smart Retailing Initiative

We are so confident that our California Trays® will deliver results, we now offer a "No Risk" Guarantee to anyone who outfits a test store property.

Almost too good to be true!

Lets put it to the test, becasue we have something to prove!

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